Am I eligible to obtain medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis is not currently available as a first line treatment. It can only be prescribed after conventional therapy has failed or is found to be not suitable (eg adverse effects) or ineffective.

Areas of Treatment

The TGA has provided guidance documents on a range of conditions and has published a non-exhaustive list of conditions that have been approved for the use of medicinal cannabis.

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Clinical trials have demonstrated that the use of medical cannabis can significantly lower anxiety

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Chronic Pain

Studies suggest that medical cannabis can ease cancer pain, and reduce inflammation associated with arthritis

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Multiple Sclerosis

There has been significant research into the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of MS, and an extensive framework has been established by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

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Palliative Care

The use of medical cannabis in palliative patients has some efficacy, with benefits being varied depending on the purpose of treatment.  The TGA has compiled a guidance document using evidence based studies to identify the areas of most effective treatment